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Services & Specialties


Bold Built has the tools for any of your residential construction needs. Small or large project, Bold Built Construction considers it an honor to help people realize their vision, dream, or idea whether that be a new home, a better suited current home, or even an auxiliary building for work, hobby and/or utility.

We are also ready to act quickly to get your life back to normal in the event the home you love is in jeopardy of being, or has been damaged. Of course estimates are always free and Bold Built Construction encourages all home owners to practice due diligence when considering or planning a construction project. No matter how small, always get multiple bids for comparison.


Bold Built Construction stands ready to assist all business owners with upsizing, downsizing, relocating, and/or establishing your place of business. We will work quickly and diligently to get you and your business ready for what it is intended to do… …make money. Bold Built Construction understands the difficulties of an improperly functioning office space, staying relevant to the current market and/or attractive to the customer, all while navigating the complex and sometimes confusing regulations, codes and compliance issues that businesses face in regards to workplace and retail environments. Call Bold Built Construction today and let us worry about the technicalities of your construction project ideas.


Agriculture is “near and dear” to Bold Built Construction, as we were conceived and established in the heart of Americas bread basket – California’s great San Joaquin Valley. We are surrounded by endless Groves of Citrus, Stone Fruit and Nuts, miles of Grape vineyards, seas of all types of Grain, Corn and Cotton, and the worlds largest Dairies. Bold Built Construction knows Agriculture very well. With that said, wood isn’t our only specialty and we have the experience and knowledge to tackle the most heavy duty of steel and concrete structures. We are proud to help construct the structures to process, store and ultimately bring your crops to market. We can even work with you and your processing equipment manufacturers to custom tailor your structure(s) for your needs.

Here is a short list of services we offer for all types of customers including residential, commercial and agricultural: