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Kitchen Remodel Project

This customer had grown tired of his outdated kitchen and asked me to give it a drastic overhaul, without replacing the cabinetry. He did want the cabinets stripped of their old finish and refinished more to his taste, which we did.

Scope of work: New, LED, dimmable recessed lighting, plus added task light over sink. We also added over-cabinet and under-cabinet accent LED lighting as well as 2 new custom pendant lights over peninsula, each lighting circuit (main, over-sink, pendant and cabinet accent) with their own wall switches. All the appliances were replaced with newer energy star appliances; new arched front farm style sink, dual fuel range (gas range with electric oven), modern hanging style range hood, whisper quiet dishwasher and added a wine chiller into the dining side of the peninsula bar, which I custom wrapped with salvaged redwood planking and sealed to protect. Plus all of the electrical, plumbing and HVAC work necessary to bring it all to life. You’ll notice there are no countertops in these photos, which is due to the fact that the customer was on a waiting list for a local premier custom counter-top company, and asked that I leave that portion out of the scope of this project. He has agreed to allow me to return upon completion of the counter tops to take photos of how well they complement Bold Built’s work. Check back for those finalized photos… 

Backyard Gate

This is a perfect example of what Bold Built can accomplish in just one day. A completely custom rebuilt side gate – bolstered, sturdy and ready for use.


fence gate


Barrel Vault

You’ll have to imagine the “before” of this project – which was a typically outdated, framed, recessed box of 4’ fluorescent tube lights, with diffuser panels that made this kitchen’s ceiling feel like it was slowly closing in on you. Almost made you feel like you should duck while walking through the kitchen.

Anita’s request was simple: “Make my kitchen feel bigger; and, if possible, do it without tearing my kitchen apart”.

Our solution was to remove the wooden face frame, diffuser panels and fluorescent fixtures. We then framed-in a, classy, barrel-vault within the existing recessed box. To do this, we custom cut new, arched, rafters then skinned those with drywall. We then installed, new, 4” LED recessed lights. Afterward, we textured and painted the entire kitchen ceiling to make the barrel vault feel right at home.

Door Dry Rot Repair

Scott and Beverly called with several concerns regarding their new property and pictured is one of those concerns. These are before, during and finished photos of an entry door that had evidence of dry rot due a concrete porch which had allowed water to flow toward the home instead of away from it.

As you can see, the damage visible on the lower door jamb, was just the tip of the iceberg and there was actually more damage to the flooring and structural framework holding the door in place. Luckily the damage wasn’t irreparable and Bold Built was able to quickly remove and replace all of the damaged material, but not before repairing the original cause to keep this from happening again. The finished product of this project was a new and sturdy front door which will stand the test of time.

Kitchen flooring and cabinet refinishing

These before and after photos show how profound of a change can be made by only changing the color and/or finish of your home’s existing surfaces. When done correctly, cabinets can be refinished with amazing results – whether it be sanded and re-stained, or simply prepping and painting over your old finish, Sarah’s kitchen looks and feels like a new room.

In addition to the cabinets, a new engineered laminate flooring can breathe new life into any room.