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Bold Built Construction is a Christian faith based company which was established in 2016. It is the product of nearly 20 years of hard work and studying the ins and outs of the many different construction trades, and obtaining a degree in Drafting, which included college studies in Architectural Design as well as Construction and Project Management.

My beautiful wife Alene and I have varied interests and hobbies. First and foremost, being Christians and members of our local Church of the Nazarene, we love our Lord Jesus Christ! Therefore church, and the wonderful programs and the amazing community within is our favorite pastime. Also, charity is central to our way of life so we have spent countless hours volunteering with the local Habitat for Humanity organization, or helping out in our community in whatever ways possible. Other hobbies I enjoy (in solace) are restoring, customizing and riding motorcycles and repairing or restoring antique furniture and other unique items from history. Other hobbies I share with my wife Alene include traveling to new places – hiking and exploring, and even treasure hunting across our great country.

Chris & Alene Boulden

I began my career in the year 2001, when I joined the Carpenters Union (United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America), local #609, in Monterey, CA. Soon after, I was fortunate enough to be hired by the most highly esteemed and premier custom home builders in the Monterey area: Harvest Construction. Starting from the bottom as an entry level Carpenter Apprentice in such an amazing area and with such a great company, I dedicated myself to being the best team member I could be, and focused on getting the most out of the 4 years of on the job training and supplemental classroom coursework that I could. It was through this unique comprehensive and immersive style training that I fell in love with construction and all the rewards that it offers. Near the end of my Apprenticeship, I moved from Monterey back to my hometown of Porterville, CA and finished the remaining Apprentice training coursework at the Fresno, CA training center, and was hired by a large local builder, Zumwalt Construction. I worked for Zumwalt Construction through the remainder of my Apprenticeship program, which I graduated from in August of 2005, as top of my graduating class with 4.0 GPA, and was awarded Carpenter Apprentice of the Year 2005 as a result.

Upon graduation, I had logged more than 7,500 hours of on the job training, and completed 17 week-long courses in construction related topics ranging from jobsite layout and earthwork to engineered structural systems, interior and exterior finishing and even courses in ergonomics and jobsite safety.

As a Journeyman Carpenter I continued working in and around the Porterville area, for several different construction companies (as is common in the trades): Zumwalt Construction (as mentioned), Harris Construction, and Ralls Construction. Projects with these companies were both Private and Public Sector projects and ranged from modernizing High Schools and building small community centers and business offices, to building large correctional facilities and retirement communities.

A few years into my Journeyman career, the economy went into recession, and construction suffered terribly as a result. Faced with month after month of no, or very little work, I decided to keep my momentum by going back to school and build on my experience by getting a degree. I enrolled in ITT Technical Institute in October of 2008, and refocused on furthering my understanding of construction through studies of Blueprint drawing/reading and learning about managing construction projects. All the while I continued to accept work as often as was available. I graduated from ITT in December of 2010, and obtained an A.S. Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design, again in the top of my graduating class with a 4.0 GPA and perfect attendance. I was named Valedictorian as a result of my efforts.

After graduation, I honed my Drafting skills and Project Management skills by working for, and in, different industries designing products and machinery for agricultural processing and streamlining industrial processes. Eventually, and as the economy recovered, I returned my focus back to my personal goal(s) of owning my own construction company and, in 2016, completed the process of becoming a licensed General Contractor in my home state of California.